Donkey Mountain Hike

Rando Âne Alpes
From 600€
3 days

3 days hike with donkeys in family in France

In Southern Alps of France, Altimood mountain guide offer you to participate to :

  • a 3 days stay from spring to autumn
  • adapted to families
  • with donkeys to carry your stuff (and the youngest)
  • with a departure point easily accessible from Gap or Grenoble
  • with 2 nights under the stars (or under a tent) (or in mountain refuge or hiker hotel)

Day 1 : from mountain to lake

On Day 1, the itinerary invites you to descend from the mountains of Saint-Firmin (Écrins) to the torrent of the Drac which flows into the lake of Sautet.

The bank of this lake is suitable for a bivouac in spring or autumn or for a night of camping in summer. An alternative in hotel is also possible.

Lac du Sautet

Day 2 : Up to the Mountain

On the second day, you will prepare the donkeys under the benevolent eye of the guide, and then head for the mountain trails to gain height on Aspres-les-Corps and the Brudour.

On the way, a thousand and one discoveries are offered to the hikers like the clues left behind by the wild animals or a eatable flora.

For this second day, the stage will be a bivouac (alternative possible in hotel equally).

The equipment (sleeping bag, mattress, tent) is lent by Altimood to allow everyone to discover the night in the middle of nature in the best conditions.

Day 3 - Back to day 1 meeting point across mountain trails

After a gentle awakening, the caravan will take the mountain paths back down to the starting point. 

The return is scheduled at the end of the morning. A picnic can be organized before leaving in the picturesque hamlet at the end of the road where the donkeys find their park.

Booking for 2023

Price from 450€/pers.

To book this experience, contact Robin by phone at 07 69 44 78 66 (french number, don't forget the +33) or directly by mail at

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